Using body products to create anchors in hypnobirthing

We are absolutely delighted to welcome Luce, Hypnobirthing Instructor and founder of Proud Birth to our blog. Find out how to successfully train your body and mind for a positive birth experience with hypnobirthing and your favourite natural products. Over to you Luce....


Anchors are used in hypnobirthing to create a sense of calm and deep relaxation during pregnancy and birth, so why not add body products to create anchors in your own practise?


An anchor is a memory attached to one of your senses, e.g. when you smell a certain brand of sun cream, it may remind you of an amazing holiday you’ve been on, and you’ll feel how you felt on that holiday. Or perhaps a song comes on the radio that reminds you of a particular time in your life, and you are teleported back to that very moment.


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As a hypnobirthing Instructor, and mum of two, I understand the importance of being calm and relaxed when bringing your baby into the world. When you are in that state of mind, you produce a hormone called oxytocin which kick starts labour and keeps your contractions coming, bringing your baby closer to you with each one. You want to be doing everything you can to keep the oxytocin flowing no matter what route your birth takes, this is just as important for you if you have a caesarean birth as oxytocin also plays a huge roll in bonding with your newborn.

If you create anchors during your pregnancy which trigger a deep relaxation, you will be able to tap into this state of mind quickly. Great news is, it’s really easy to create anchors using smells, and by using body products you are also introducing the sense of touch, which is a big Brucie bonus! On top of this, you will be replenishing your skin at a time when it’s being pushed to its limits.

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So how might you incorporate body products into your hypnobirthing practise, see below for some suggestions:

  • When you practise your hypnobirthing scripts, dim the lights, get comfy and build a step into your routine which introduces your favourite body products. It may be rubbing a sensual oil onto your hands and arms, so you start to associate the scent with being relaxed
  • Massage in pregnancy and labour can feel wonderful and is a great way to connect with your partner. There are different types of massage you can explore, why not ask your partner to use your favourite body products to leave your skin feeling nourished and you feeling like a goddess
  • Rubbing your bump during pregnancy is a lovely way to connect with your baby, use a balm or oil which smells divine and show your bump some love. Your belly button will also thank you, as will the rest of the skin on your tummy which may be quite itchy as you approach your third trimester
  • The more you practise, the stronger the anchor so try to find ways to build your anchors into your daily life.


As well as finding a scent you love, for me personally it’s equally as important to use natural products wherever possible, which is why I love Bampton House. Not only do they smell amazing, knowing that they are safe to use in pregnancy and on babies skin means you can also build them into routines with your newborn, such as baby massage. 


Lucy Makepeace, Positive Birth Coach & Founder of Proud Birth.


Mums-to-be need to be very careful about what they put on their skin. Checkout our range of scientifically approved products for use in pregnancy here


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