Natural skincare for pregnancy

Look after your bump and sensitive, ever changing skin with our range of exceptionally gentle natural skincare products certified as safe for use in pregnancy. Create your own natural skincare routine to nourish your body and mind as your body grows your precious tiny human, with our range of pregnancy approved products.  

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Set your intentions with our award winning, fresh and fruity entirely natural Happy Mind Body Scrub and then soak your body in a bath of Positive Mind salts (coming soon). Our Calm Mind entirely natural Body Oil is perfect for inhalations in hypno-birthing. Let the calming effect of the unique essential oil blend, frankincense, rose geranium and lavender ease anxiety and ground you in the moment. Jojoba and argon oils will naturally moisturise your skin. Massage your bump and baby with our award-winning Bump and Baby Balm. It's perfect for naturally hydrating your bump during pregnancy and post-partum. This incredibly gentle natural skincare product has just the right slip to allow you to give your baby a little massage before bedtime. Perfect for the whole family to bond through baby massage.