Natural sleep aids

When you’re stuck in a no-sleep rut, reach for one of our entirely natural sleep aids. Our Sleepy Mind scent is made up of calming chamomile, vetiver and lavender. Set your intentions for a good night’s sleep by incorporating our Sleepy Mind bath salts and body oil into your natural sleep aid routine.

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We know that simply buying a bottle of Sleepy Mind body oil or Sleepy Mind bath salts wont magically make you sleep. Yes, our Sleepy Mind scent range was developed because of the naturally sleep-inducing qualities of the essential oils included, but these oils alone aren’t enough to make you sleep soundly without changing your other sleep habits. The most powerful sleep aid you have is your own mind and the power of intention. Use our Sleepy Mind products as a tool to enable your mind to refocus on having a good night’s sleep. The power of scent is undeniable and if you allow your mind to let you, can help to transport you to a peaceful place before bedtime. We recommend including our natural sleep aid products in a bedtime routine, where over time you associate the smell of lavender, vetiver and chamomile with calming down, letting go of the day and relaxing before a good night’s sleep. Our Sleepy Mind body oil was reviewed by Closer Magazine in 2021 and included in their Best Sleep Products of 2021 round up! We’d love to hear how you find it, please let us know –