Natural relaxation products for yoga and meditation

Ease yourself into a a state of mindfulness with our natural relaxation products for yoga and meditation. Light a natural aromatherapy candle or rub a small amount of body oil onto your clavicle and let the essential oils help transport you to a meditative, present state. Choose the scent blend that will best help you achieve your positive or calm mindset goals.
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A big part of yoga is achieving your desired mindset. Yoga lovers reading this will be familiar with the calm, centred and connected feeling you get at the end of a yoga session. Sometimes it can be hard to let go of the troubles of your daily life and then it’s really helpful to reach for some natural relaxation products for yoga and meditation. Our aromatherapy candles are only made from essential oils, soy wax and a cotton wick. They have long burn times and the most incredible scent throw that will fill the entire room. Whether you’re looking to achieve a Happy Mind, Positive Mind or Joyful Mind, our candles can help you to relax during your yoga and meditation. With our body oils, you only need a small squirt to rub on the top of your chest and as you move through your poses, you’ll be able to gentle inhale the Calm Mind, Positive Mind or Sleepy Mind blend of oils. Scent is such a powerful tool to change gear in your mind and reach a state of mindfulness. If you were to smell of the wonderful scent of jasmine that was present at the yoga retreat you went on in Morocco, or the eucalyptus trees beside the sunset class you joined on holiday in Spain, you would be instantly transported back. Even if you’re doing yoga in your front room, you can still apply the same thinking and effectively use natural relaxation products for your yoga and meditation practice. Namaste.