Natural bath products for stress relief

Ease into a deep, hot bath with our natural bath products and let your stresses go. The unique essential oil blends of Calm Mind Clear Mind have been designed to not only smell gorgeous but for their therapeutic and stress relieving benefits to both body and mind. The natural powers of Epsom and Himalayan salts will detoxify your body and tone your skin, while you breathe in the essential oils. Use our natural bath salts and scrubs as part of your stress relieving routine. 

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Typically, we think to have a stress relieving bath at the end of a long day and our Calm Mind bath salts contain the perfect combination of naturally soothing essential oils for just that. The blend of essential oils smells like a spa and will feel like the treat you deserve as you unwind before bedtime. But why save that glorious feeling of submerging your tense body in warm water and soaking your tired, tense muscles until the end of the day? Our award-winning Clear Mind bath salts are wonderful for a day-time bath to combat stress. The minty, fresh natural fragrance will clear your sinuses and allow you to breathe deeply, take stock and get ready to face the any challenges the rest of the day holds. The Epsom and Himalayan salts will draw out impurities and tone your skin, whilst nourishing jojoba will rebalance your skins PH. Our salts offer stress relief for both your body and mind all wrapped up in one! Team a relaxing bath in our Clear Mind salts with our Clear Mind body to gentle cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise your skin. This natural scrub contains very fine granules of sugar which aren’t overly scratchy against your skin and will leave you feeling smooth all over.