Smell happy thoughts

Blog post by @Angetwri from Tiwari Yoga

Have you ever suddenly noticed a scent that has invoked such an emotion within you that it brings tears to your eyes, or a smile to your mouth, or a deep sense of nostalgia? It’s incredible how a scent can bring back a moment from the past, remind you of a certain person, a particular time, or even allow a memory to arise that you thought you had completely forgotten about. Scent has a powerful impact on our thoughts and emotions. Discovering the scents that bring us peace, happiness, and a sense of positivity, is an empowering thing to know. Bringing these scents into your daily life, and making them a part of your routine, allows you to create a safe and happy space to invoke these emotions, welcoming in gorgeous smells that cater to your needs.

Candle connection to nostalgic photos

Take a moment to contemplate the moments when you’ve felt calm, safe and happy. Are there any scents that remind you of those emotions? For me, sandalwood incense reminds me of being at the shrine or in ashrams in India with my family, and gives me a sense of grounding allowing a connection to a higher state of consciousness. Lavender makes me feel sleepy and totally relaxed. It’s my go to scent before I go to bed, or before a restorative yoga practice. Conversely, Jasmine is the top note in one of my favourite perfumes that I always wear to go on fancy dates, and so it makes me reminisce on times of excitement and adventure. I recall happy memories of chai brewing at the scent of a clove, patchouli brings about a sense of stillness and relaxation, and citrus scents are reminiscent of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, or orange, if you prefer.

Body oils on a seaside backdrop with shells

Once you think about it, it’s quite a fun game to play. Grab a notepad, and make a list of your very favourite, most happy, and most zen inducing scents. Next time you’re feeling blue, happy, or sleepy, reach for your oils, candles or mist sprays to help you feel exactly what you need to at that point in time.

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