Our 2021 Beauty Shortlist Award Winners!

The Beauty Shortlist Awards celebrate the best, expert-judged ethical Green Beauty, Grooming, Wellbeing, Natural Health & Eco Lifestyle brands and products that genuinely and wholeheartedly deserve special recognition.

We still can't quite believe that we won FIVE awards at this years Beauty Shortlist awards

The awards are judged purely on individual merit, meaning that these awards offer a level platform for both global and local brands to shine and be seen by pro-green consumers, industry insiders and beauty buyers. Winning these awards has given us the boost that our mini team needed in what has been a challenging year for all. 

Drumroll please....

Here are our winning products and awards! 

Clear Mind Bath Salts - Best Refreshing Bath Salts

Our 100% natural bath salts contain jojoba, which has a similar PH to skin, making them naturally hydrating and wont give you the shrivelled prune effect or leave you and your bath greasy. We grid out salts into small crystals, so they dissolve quickly into the bath and you can relax, rather than sitting on granules. The Clear Mind salts are amazing if you have a headache or cold coming as the tea tree and peppermint will clear your sinuses. We've been told before these salts are 'life-changing' because of the therapeutic benefits of the Epson salts which ease aching muscles after exercise and the Himalayan salts that draw out impurities. This scent combination makes for a thoroughly luxurious and energising bath experience.

Happy Mind Body Scrub - Editors Choice

We're so proud of our new 100% natural scrubs. We've used an unusual coconut based ingredient which gives the scrubs a jelly-like consistency, which enables the scrub to stay on your skin rather than go down the plughole. The exfoliant is simply sugar and it gives a very gentle but effective exfoliation. The Happy Mind scent is new for us too and the combination of Lemon, Lime and Juniper reminds us of summer and holidays - the perfect way to get your day off to the best start.


Nourish Cuticle Oil - Editors Choice

This 100% natural cuticle oil and the elixir of life for nails. A combination of nutrient rich oils including Jojoba, Apricot and Camelia lock in moisture and keep your nails flexible whist absorbing quickly so you can get on with using your hands. The unique essential oil combination not only smells great but has been blended especially for nail health and growth. Lemon & Grapefruit brighten your nails and keeps your nails looking shiny while Lavender has been shown to strengthen nails and cuticles as well as helping to hydrate the skin and Frankincense has wonderful antibacterial properties and encourages nail growth.



Calm Mind Bath Salts - Editors Choice

Essential oils Frankincense, Rose Geranium and Lavender help to calm your mind, ease anxiety and balance emotions. These salts were originally designed for use in a salon and they truly do smell like the spa experience at home. The perfect product to encourage yourself to have some self care and much needed time out. 


Sleepy Mind Bath Salts - Editors Choice

In the fast paced world we live in, it's so hard to wind down and switch off your mind before bed. These natural and hydrating bath salts make your bedtime ritual more of a treat than a chore. 

Soothing aching muscles and and pent up tension with the combination of epsom and Himalayan salts, which will also detoxify and tone your skin. Jojoba leaves skin soft and supple while the unique blend of essential oils help to relax your mind before bed. 


If you have any questions about any of our products please drop Emily and Hollie an email: info@bamptonhouse.co.uk

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