How to look after your aromatherapy soy wax candle

Burning your aromatherapy soy wax candle for the first time is a commitment. I know that sounds like a grand statement to make, but it’s true. To get the most out of your soy wax and essential oil candle, you have to give it time.

Whether you’ve newly converted to natural candles, or you’ve been using them for years, we want you to get the most out of your Bampton House candle…. Here’s how…

Rosemary Lane large soy wax and essential oil candle

Firstly have think about the size of the room you’re burning it in. The smaller the room the smaller the candle you need. This is because a small candle will only have a small wax pool and therefore only a small amount of essential oils will evaporate into the room. Our travel size candles are perfect for a rooms such as a bathrooms or offices, and our large candles are best used in a larger spaces, such as a kitchens and living rooms, as their wax pool is bigger.

Travel size soy wax and aromatherapy oil candles

Did you know you can burn a candle for too long and equally not long enough?

If you burn it for only a short amount of time you might experience tunnelling (where only the mid-section of the candle melts) and eventually the wax suffocates the wick. It’s devastating when this happens as it means you waste lots of great wax and essential oils around the edges and the candle won’t burn for anywhere near as long overall.

On the other hand, if you burn it for too long the wax pool can become too deep and the essential oils in the top section of the candle will be burnt off. This will mean it’ll take much longer to give off a scent when you next light it.

So what is the right amount of time to burn your candle? We recommend around 1-2 hours for our small candles and 2-3 hours for our large candles. This will help you to get the longest life and best scent throw throughout the life of your candle and the best value.

If you follow this rule, your soy wax candle will warm up gently and give a fabulous scent throw from the essential oils. We often have customers say they could still smell the scent gently lingering in their house the next day and this will be because they lit it for the right amount of time.

Primrose Lane boxed soy wax and aromatherapy oil candle

Just like with non-natural candles, the wicks in our candles should be trimmed after every burn to remove any excess soot. We recommend keeping a 5mm wick length for the best results. This will help to give a clean burn every time. But you must be careful not to trim your wick too eagerly, as you might end up without enough of a head on it to burn effectively and it could put itself out.

We’ve chosen a wick that will heat the wax pool just enough to give an amazing smell, without burning the essential oils off too quickly. This means you might see a very small residue of wax left around the edge of the jar as it burns down but the flame will have worked its magic and heated the wax just enough to release the oils into your room

Primrose Lane candle on a wall aromatherapy and soy wax

We hope this helps your relationship with your candle. Just remember your candle is a commitment that will return the love if you give it the chance to shine.


If you’re a complete candle geek like us and would like to know even more about candle care, head over to our ‘Candle Burning FAQ’ page: 

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