Christmas 2021 natural gift set ideas by hobby and interest

Yes, it is only October but believe it or not we do know quite a few people who have already finished their Christmas shopping! Don't worry, if you've not started yet, you're in good company - neither have I. 

This surreal time seems to be changing people's buying habits. Shoppers are opportunistic, grabbing things when they're out and about locally and buying online, often ahead of their usual schedule. It feels even more important than ever to buy really carefully considered, thoughtful gifts for your loved ones to make sure they know you care, even if we can't see one another as usual. 

Christmas gifts by hobby

So with this in mind, we thought now would be a good time to tell you about which of our products will be loved by specific friends and family on account of their hobbies and interests.

It's tricky to pin down just one product for this group as all our products are scented with entirely natural essential oils and botanicals. However, our Hand and Body Balm is absolutely wonderful at replenishing cracked and dry skin, which hardy gardeners often suffer from. 

Jute bag in the garden

We've had several people contact us lately to say how incredibly effective our Rosemary Lane candle is at neutralising the smell that pets have. You might not want to write that on the tag, but rest assured your dog loving pal will be delighted at their fresh smelling home when they light this citrusy, fresh candle. What's more, this year our Rosemary Lane candle is available in the limited edition silver jar.

Our bath salts contain Epsom Salts which are widely known in the sporting community for restoring tired muscles after strenuous exercise. The added benefit of our range is they smell amazing and feel like a real treat, especially after a long endurance winter training session. 

The Clear Mind Foot Balm is also great for athletes as it has naturally antibacterial and anti fungal properties, which can work wonders on feet that spend a lot of time working up a sweat in trainers. 

Bath salts for athletes

Our new Mother and Baby Gift Bag contains our award winning Bump and Baby Balm, which is incredible for bonding through massage. You'll also get a hand printed organic cotton muslin and the organic cotton grey wash bag, which is the ideal size for all manner of things new mums have to cart around in their change bag. 

New mother gift bag


We all know at least one of these people (ahem like our Founder Hollie), who is so busy her feet hardly touch the ground. Our Spa Pamper Collection is the ideal gift for these ladies - it contains all the temptation they'll need to actually have some time relaxing (so long as they don't take their phone into the bath too). 

Spa bath pamper kit

If your best friend is a yogi, she/he will love our body oils and candles for inhalations and meditation at the end of their mind and body reviving session.

Stocking fillers Christmas 2020

I hope you're feeling even a teensy bit festive after reading this and that it'll help you to plan your Christmas gifting for 2021. If you have any questions about any of our products or would like some help in deciding which to go for, please just drop us a message -


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