Best Sleep Products for 2021

We were bouncing off the walls at BH HQ when we heard Closer Magazine had chosen our Sleepy Mind Body Oil for their round up of the Best Sleep Products for 2021.


Seeing our 'Decadent Oil' in a line up next to such established brands such as Ren, Tisserand and Lush was truly amazing. In the review they said our Sleepy Mind oil 'glided over skin and soaked in quickly too, leaving our tester feeling pampered and perfumed.'

Closer Magazine Best Sleep Products 2021


This was one of the first products Hollie ever designed for Bampton House and it's had fabulous feedback from customers over the past few years. While obviously being in a national magazine is a huge deal for us as a small business, we really do get just as excited to receive positive feedback from our individual customers.

One of our lovely customers messaged us on Facebook last week saying; "I've been meaning to message you Emily. I am sleeping much better since I bought the Sleepy Oil from you at Nicholsons". This sort of feedback makes us even more determined to get the Bampton House name out there and allow more people to enjoy using our entirely natural products.

We're often asked how the essential oils can possibly be strong enough to help you sleep. A big bunch of lavender isn't going to jump out of the bottle and whack you unconscious - nothing quite as dramatic as that! The thing is, if you have no intention of changing your sleep behaviour then adding in an oil probably wont do much to change how your sleep. You need to want to get into good habits and take the time to truly make aromatherapy part of your routine. 

For the last few years, my husband and I have both used a squirt of Sleepy Mind body oil on our chests before bed. We also use the Sleepy Mind Balm on our son (who incidentally sleeps like a log for 12 hours every night!) It has become the smell of sleep for our family. When we put it on, we know it's time to switch off and change gear to get ready for sleep. A bit like the opposite of smelling the gym before a hardcore spinning class - you know even as you enter the room what's expected of your body and you mentally start preparing. The same can be said for calming down. 

Thanks to all our customers for your support. We wouldn't be here without you! 

If you've read my ramblings all the way to the end, I'm guessing you're a super-fan.... so.... I wonder if you would mind leaving us a review of your favourite product on our website? Just head to the product page and you can pop the review right there 😘


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