Ayurveda and the benefits of essential oils in yoga practice

Guest post from - Ange  @angetwri

Ayurveda is the Indian science of traditional medicine, it means ‘the science of life’, and it promotes ways to heal holistically. It is over 5000 years old, stems from India’s sacred Vedic culture, and oil has always been a big part of it. Oil pulling (swilling oil around your mouth), abhyanga (self massage with warm oil), pouring warm oil into your ears, massaging your scalp and hair with oil, and many other rituals all put the focus on the importance of oil and how you can use it for self soothing, self love and self care practices.
Applying oil to the body not only keeps the skin soft, but different essential oils have different benefits. Some promote youthfulness in the skin, and a smoother complexion, while others are particularly good for dry skin conditions and irritation such as rashes. Oil after a warm shower or bath is a great way to lock in moisture, feel and look super glowy, and spend some time focusing on yourself. Massaging the body with oil is a fabulous self care practise, almost a meditation, especially if you use your massage time to also focus on deeply breathing in the calming scents, and working the oil into your body through circular motions. This can make you feel grounded, and is perfect for just before you go to bed.
As a yoga teacher, I am always on the lookout for products that can enrich my practise, as well as tips I can give you my clients in classes to help them soften further into their own yogi journey. Essential oils in diffusers, a small amount of body oil on your wrists before practise, and a burning candle, are all beautiful ways to soften more into your meditation and yoga flow. Save the full oil massage until after practise so your mat doesn’t get seeped in oil too! Below are some of my very favourite products to make meditation, restorative flows and dynamic yoga practises even more yummy - by Bampton House.
Positive Mind - I find this great to use just before a more strenuous yoga asana flow, the orange scent will make you feel really revived and ready to go get your day. You got this!

Primrose Lane - If you want to feel like you are at a wellness retreat in your own home, then you need this in your life! It’s 100% sustainable, smells divine and is perfect for burning while you are practising setting intentions, journaling or writing out what you wish to manifest into your life. Create your own haven, in your very own home.
Sleepy Mind - Perfect for some stillness in the evening, a yin practise, or just when you need a break and wish to slow down. For me, lavender is the most soothing, calming scent ever, so I keep this nearby for when I need a moment of zen. Sometimes I just open the lid and take a big smell of it and even that works in making me feel more calm! Magical.

Calm Mind - Therapy in a bottle. The argan oil is full of natural goodness and will soak into your skin leaving it supple and very happy!
Thanks so much to Ange for explaining more about aromatherapy in Ayurveda yoga. If you'd like to know more then please do @angetwri on Instagram. 

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