Choosing the right aromatherapy scents for your mood

Do you feel like the world is moving too fast you can’t keep up? If your answer is yes, then I'm hoping this blog might bring you some new ways to reduce your stress and live a happier, more positive life!

I'm Jade, a Life Coach and this week I'm taking over the Bampton House blog to talk to you about how we can reduce stress and negativity in your life by controlling what we can control.

This new world we live in is crazy and wild and amazing but it's also getting darker and scarier, more stressful and overwhelming. The pressure is becoming too much for our brains and I want to talk about a practical way to deal with your actual problems that you are facing and how to combat them.

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The first thing we should talk about is that aromatherapy is a fantastic asset to an overall plan to help fight anxiety and depression. But it is an asset not a cure. When dealing with mental health issues, you need a battle plan and aromatherapy is just another sword. If you are really struggling and you don’t know what to put in your battle plan, I have written a build your own style plan, so you can pick and choose what works for you and add it into your plan which you can check out here!

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How do I know what to do?

Aromatherapy in itself is complicated, you have to know which scents do what and which ones affect which part of the brain. You can take a course but if you are like me, we don't have time for all that. Life is busy enough as it is.

This is why we turn to professionals with experience who know what you need, all you need to work out is what you are struggling with. Lack of energy? Low mindset? Struggle Sleeping? Over chaotic mind? Trouble relaxing?

For me, I have really bad trouble falling asleep due to anxiety, I am fine all day but then as soon as my head hits the pillow, it's like it pings back into my head and my heart races. So I am going to run you through my relaxation process that puts me in a chill headspace.

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The Relaxation Process

Things you will need:

The only thing you will need are specific tools like candles, oils and bath salts to help combat each issue. For me, I used Bampton House Sleepy Mind Body Oil because it makes my shoulder physically drop. I spend a lot of time on a computer like most of us, I am hunched over and tense all day. So when I rub the oil into my skin, I feel the beauty of my shoulders unknotting. I have used a few different brands of candles and oils but none of them has been as effective and amazing scented as these ones.

Make sure the scent you have is designed for what you need. If you are struggling to sleep, get a sleepy candle. I have found that if I go around and sniff the candles, my brain knows which one it needs and I find it most favourable. So sniff your collection and see which one is what you need and get it out. You can even search for collections as they have been designed specifically for a purpose.

Then follow this process:

  • Decide you are going to. Make a decision to actually focus on recovery.
  • Find a quiet space where no one is around and leave your phone in another room. Lock the door as well, even leave a sign because you know someone is going to come knocking.
  • Light a candle, run a bath with your salts or get out your oil that your brain has decided it needs.
  • Stop for a moment and just sit with the scent and take deep breaths. Appreciating the beautiful aromas.
  • Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds and breathe out for 4 seconds.
  • Repeat this for 5 cycles
  • In your head, name three things you are grateful for. This is essential, gratitude helps supercharge a mood change and increase relaxation.
  • Stay in this moment for as long as you feel like you need too. Let the good memories flow through and if you are struggling to find them, bring your mind back to naming things you are grateful for. Sometimes it can take 2 things and sometimes, it can take 50 before it begins to flow naturally.
  • Finally, remind yourself that you are good enough and worthy. You are deserving of love and you are important, you matter.
  • When you are ready and you are feeling relaxed, calm and happy, come out.

This is what I do before bed, I hide in my bathroom and I put on my sleep oil behind my ears and hands and I do some breathing. Then I can get into bed and fall asleep in a state of relaxed bliss. But this works for overcoming all obstacles like anxiety, depression and overwhelm.

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Potential Risks?

We have to talk about potential risk of allergies. With everything, there is a risk for someone to have an allergic reaction to something so be sure to check the ingredients if you have a known allergy and try a sample if you are really worried. As far as allergies go, I have severely sensitive skin, my skin hates everything except these Bampton House oils, my hands love it, they work great for me.

Just remember that aromatherapy can be so great to assist with a plan to alleviate mental health issues, it is not the all in one cure. So don’t forget to make a battle plan! If you suffer from overwhelm, take regular breaks away from your devices, people and stimuli and sit down and breathe, meditate or look out of a window as I often do.

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