Foot Balm - Clear Mind
Foot Balm - Clear Mind

Foot Balm - Clear Mind

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Rosemary - Peppermint - Tea Tree

Pamper tired feet with this refreshing blend of Clear Mind essential oils. Rosemary helps to boost circulation whilst Peppermint’s cooling and soothing properties help to relieve stiff, aching muscles. Tea Tree not only helps to keep your feet smelling fresh, it can also stave off fungal infections.

Shea Butter makes the gentle and effective base for our foot balm. It is a natural source of vitamins A, E, F and K and is incredibly smooth, whilst not greasy on your skin.

Rub onto your feet daily, taking time to massage any particularly dry, cracked or sore areas. For a more intensive treatment, apply before bed and allow the balm to soak in overnight.

As with all Bampton House products, our Foot Balm is made from 100% natural ingredients and our packaging is recyclable.